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The 8th NJ Volunteer Infantry has been a proud supporter and active participant in the reenacting community since the early 90s. We are the only the living history unit "honorarily reactivated in the service of the State of New Jersey" by the State Senate. Faithful to its original members, the unit remains one of the few elite military reenactment groups to take the field. Recognized for our outstanding performance and historical accuracy, the 8th is invited annually by the National Park Service at Gettysburg to host military demonstrations for the public and to recreate campaign style encampments on the battlefield.

In addition to partaking in educational programs and historical recreations, military and civilian members of the 8th NJ - who hail from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware - voluntarily (depending on personal schedules) take part in 4 to 6 events yearly. Though authenticity and proper military protocol is encouraged, the most important part of the hobby is having an enjoyable, safe, and instructive experience.

Military members - like their 1860 counterparts - are schooled in the art of the US Army's 19th century field manual, camp under the stars, and cook on an open fire. But like any hobby, one needs to purchase their own material (uniform, weapon, leather gear, etc), and due to the initial costs many new members can become overwhelmed by the expense. But the unit (and its members) help new recruits in outfitting with gear and make suggestions based off their authenticity desires and financial comfort level.

If you're not old enough yet to take the field with a rifle (under 16), don't be discouraged; we can help you get started as a musician! One of our members is an expert with the fife and drum and can help point you in the right direction. Any minors are encouraged to have a parental guardian join the ranks with them so they are not limited with what they can do. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian at all times.


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About us

The 8th Regiment New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, Inc. is a living history organization, whose members are committed to the accurate re-creation of the life of the common federal soldier during the American Civil War.

The 8th New Jersey is an honorary, reactivated unit in the service of the state of New Jersey and the United States of America and participates in many historical events throughout the country.

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